BOOK ILLUSTRATION


Story by Roger Ziegler


Sample pages:

page 2

        " I sit on my daddy when we cook"     

page 8
        "When my daddy is at the computer, I sit at his feet.
      A day without sitting on my daddy just isn't complete."


page 9
         "Sometimes when I sit on daddy's shoulders.
                               I can see really far. 

       Once I think I even saw an elephant driving a car."


page 11


                   "And when I sat on daddy like a seat,
    I saw a dinosaur and a unicorn walking down the street."


page 14

            "Seals and seahorses and mermaids too,
                     all love to sit
on their daddies                                                  .......How about you?"


page 16
           "Sometimes daddy takes me fishing
                       and teaches me the terms,
    but I'd rather sit on him and play with the wiggly worms"


page 17
           "I'd sit on daddy if he were on the moon,
        I'd even sit on him if he were a giant red balloon"  

page 19
            "I ride on my daddy when we play horse-y,
                     that's the most fun of course-y"

The End
      "When it's time for a nap, on him I gently rest.
                      I know my daddy is the best.

      You know nothing can compare, my daddy is warm,
                he's cozy; daddy is my favorite chair"